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Mutrics GB-30: Ultra Slim Smart Audio Glasses For Gamers


World’s first pair of Smart Glasses, Mutrics GB-30 is specially designed for Video Gamers. These smart glasses are specially designed in its Retro Gameboy looking style to offer next-level gaming experience. The glasses give an unparalleled sound experience with its advanced sound-surround system, open-ear audio, anti-blue light lenses and the colourways that match the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


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Mutrics GB-30: Ultra Slim Smart Audio Glasses For Gamers

Virtual 5.1 immersive audio | Open-ear NFSS | Anti-blue light | Iconic retro look | Swappable lenses | Bluetooth 5.0 | Ergonomic design

Elevate your gaming experience with Mutrics GB-30. It is a game accessory which everyone should have. It offers open-ear audio, HD-stereo sound, eye comfort so you can play for a long time.

Get a vintage-inspired style of smart glasses, to speak your unique personality in the GameBoy style. The wireless connection ensures that you can play from a 20-metre apart distance without any disturbance and crystal clear sound.

Apart from that, it offers a long playback time, an intuitive control system so you don’t need to take out your phone and touch the screen, but do it right away using your Mutrics GB-30 Smart Glasses.

One of the best smart audio glasses in the market comes in colour variation of white, black, green, pink. Also, they are available in two different sizes. One size optimal for the kids and other variants for the adults. You can check the catalogue above to pick up your favourite.

Get Inspired by Mutrics Smart Glasses, watch the Promo Video:


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