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Shine: Automate Toilet Cleaning


Shine is a smart Bathroom Assistant – a simple device that automates cleaning & maintenance.

Shine Assistant is designed to work with almost any modern toilet, even with other accessories installed. Install it in 5 Minutes, with no plugs required and a rechargeable battery life of 6 months. Just say, “Alexa, clean the toilet…” and let the smart bathroom assistant do the work for you. Here’s what you get from Shine Bathroom Assistant:

  • Effective Cleaning Experience
  • Sam App to control and monitor the device
  • Alerts about leaks or flood event
  • Automatic repair-kit and access to live-videos for repairing
  • Cost-Saving alternative to the plumber
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The Future Bathroom is Here. Clean. Effortless. Chemical-Free.

Shine Bathroom Assistant: How to Automate Toilet Cleaning:

The bathroom assistant will automatically clean your toiler without any chemical, using electrolyzed water technology.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: Install it yourself, without any plumbing screws and place it near your toilet.
  • Add Water: Fill the shine’s tank. The tank is easy to remove and it can easily hold a month’s quota.
  • Insert an Eco-Friendly cleaning Pod: 100% recyclable, contains natural water and salts.
  • Create Electrolyzed water automatically with the Japanese Technology
  • Clean the Bowl: Just command the app or let the Bathroom assistant detect flush on its own. It will automatically clean the toilet with the electrolyzed water and also deodorize it simultaneously.

Shine Bathroom Review:

Review by Kristie C.

“‘Alexa, clean the toilet.’ Need I say more? From a working mom that shares a bathroom with her two boys and husband, Shine is amazing!!”

Review by Kim E.

“My least favorite chore is cleaning the toilet. The idea of having Shine not only clean my toilet but also detect leaks and issues is genius!”  

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