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Shine Bathroom Assistant to Automate Your Toilet Cleaning

Sanket Kalambe December 28, 2019 1 comment

It’s 2020 and Smart Gadgets have already started to take over the traditional gadgets in the market. One such product to simplify your toilet cleaning experience is Shine Bathroom Assistant. It is a simple gadget that automates cleaning and maintenance. Let’s have a look over its features and how it works:

Shine Bathroom Assitant: What if your toilet could clean & fix itself?

Smart bathroom assistant, Shine has a lot to offer and it comes with a handy package. Here’s what it does for you:

Automatic Cleaning

The assistant will automatically spray the cleaning solution in the toilet bowl, after every flush.

Automatically Deodorize

As soon as the cleaning occurs, it will deodorize the surrounding and add natural fragrance to the air around.

Chemical-Free Cleaning

Say no to all the harmful chemicals in the cleaning liquids. The Cleaning solution of Shine is chemical-free, hence no more chemicals shall flow to the river, lakes etc.

Diagnose Leaks

Shine Assitant comes with a handy app, Sam, which will monitor any leaks in the device and there’s an auto repair feature to make life easy.

Make Your Life Better With Shine

The bathroom assistant is designed to work with any modern toilet. It works even if there are other accessories installed. You don’t even have to plug the device as it is powered by battery, which needs to be charged every 6 months.

Quick Installation: With all easy to install components, the assistant requires no plumbing changes in your toilet system. Five minutes of your time and you are ready to use the device.

“Alexa, Clean my Toilet”: Ask Alexa to clean your toilet and the Sam AI app will assist to automatically turn on the spray to clean your toilet. Amazing, right?

Control Water Usage: The device monitors water usage and costs down to the individual flush. This means you’ll always have the latest information available for the largest single water user in your home—your toilet.

How Does Shine Assistant Works

Step 1: Install it yourself within 5 minutes, making no changes to your plumbing system. Place it nearby your toilet.

Step 2: Add water till you fill the Shine’s tank. The tank capacity is huge and it can hold enough water for a month’s usage. It is easy to remove and replace.

Step 3: Insert the eco-friendly, cleaning pod. It is 100% recyclable, which lasts for 1 month. It contains natural water and salt.

Step 4: Create Electrolyzed Water: The cleaning agent, which is chemical-free, but as powerful as bleach is mixed to create electrolyzed water using Japanese Technology.

Step 5: Command the Sam App or let it detect the flush, and the device shall clean the bowl automatically. The bowl will be covered with electrolyzed water and will be deodorized simultaneously.

The shine water solution contains no chemical and it is eco-friendly so it won’t harm your pipes or the water bodies where it will be passed finally.

Shine Bathroom Assistant: How to Buy

No need to get your hands dirty. Shine automates toilet cleaning and helps to eliminate odour. Get the chemical-free smart gadget now and install it in 5 minutes to get started.

Buy Shine Assistant Directly for $99 from the Official Website using the button below:

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