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Galerdo™: 1st Headset-free AI Audio Tracker for Swimmers


As a laps swimmer, you enjoy swimming for strength, competition, and ultimately health.

Swimming, however can often easily become routine and boring because of the monotony, not to mention the silence.

That’s why we created the Galerdo™ Beker Pro. We love swimming ourselves and want more participants to enjoy the wonders of this exercise style.

Galerdo™ is our second product based on our bone conduction technology. Since our first product, the Beker Waterproof MP3 Player was successfully launched in 2016, many of our users kept asking us to bring headset-free design and Bone Conduction technology together not only for the swimming music player, but also for the swimming tracker.

The Galerdo Beker Pro won the prestigious CES 2020 Innovation award for its innovation incorporating AI technology and bone-induction together.

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Listen to real-time audio feedback on distance, time and laps as you swim. Enjoy underwater music without earphones.