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REBO Smart Bottle – Clean the Planet as You Drink


REBO is the first reusable smart bottle that tracks the amount of water you drink and funds the collection of plastic waste pollution to the environment every time you drink from it. Thanks to their accurate Time-of-Flight censors in the smart cap, which sends the data to the REBO app.

For every REBO bottle, you refill and drink they will fund the collection of one plastic bottle polluting the environment. They do this, thanks to our highly accurate time-of-flight sensor in the smart cap. How?

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Rebo Smart Bottle Measures water intake and plastic saving. Funds the collection of one bottle for every bottle drunk.

  • It will track the water you drink, based on a preset drinking goal.
  • Builds a customized hydration plan according to your physical activity.
  • Reminds you to stay hydrated by lighting up.

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